The Research

DigiSym_the research


Focus: Digital Generation

European Horizon 2020 project researching the impact of digital transformations on children and youth. The project investigates ICT and civic participation in adolescents


Focus: Disinformation


COVID19 Disinformation and Response in India, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand: A Comparative Social Network Analysis Study on Twitter. Funder: International Research Development Fund, Global Challenges Research Fund. Urgency fund: COVID-19 focussed research.


Focus: Digital Activism


‘The New Frontier of Industrial Relations Research: Investigating the Social Media Networks and Digital Geography of Contemporary Industrial Action’. Funder British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grants.


Focus: Digital Aftermaths


Investigates the use of machine learning algorithms for the analysis of data from the aftermath of 25 terrorist attacks on Twitter (during 2015-2017).


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